About Chiara

Chiara235Chiara is a New York based actress, singer, and sometimes trapeze artist.  She was born in New York City and raised in Davis, CA, but she has lived, worked, studied, and performed in Andover, MA; Portland, OR; Minneapolis, MN; and Seattle, WA.  Somewhere on this itinerant journey she picked up a B.A. in drama from Stanford, was trained as a classical singer, and figured out that owning heavy furniture is not advisable if you love life in the theatre.

She graduated of the National Theatre Conservatory MFA program in Denver, CO.  Favorite credits include Princess Diana in KING CHARLES III, Ann Deever in ALL MY SONS, Anne Elliott in PERSUASION, and Jane in THE BUTCHER.

Her voice can be heard on the Her Interactive series of Nancy Drew video games as tough tomboy George who fights monkeys and helps solve mysteries.  She is an avid lover of the Pacific Northwest, cooking (and devouring) delicious meals, the cafes in famous art museums, and Amy Poehler…among other things.