On Chiara in It’s a Wonderful Life at Baltimore Centerstage:richardandersonproductions

“Chiara Motley [is] a beautifully nuanced Mary. She makes the character wholesome, but never bland. And she deftly depicts just how hurt Mary is when a distraught George — a whole lot of missing money at the bank causes major stress — takes out his frustrations on his family.”

-The Baltimore Sun



On Chiara in Sherlock Holmes at The Arts Center of Costal Carolina:


“Playing the role of the female lead Irene Adler, Chiara Motley gives a winning performance as the opera diva who steals Holmes’s heart. Motley embraces the singer’s showy mannerisms to great effect, but counterbalances her external staginess with genuine emotion and vulnerability.”

76195_10100375523210273_39987826_nOn Chiara in King Lear at The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival:

“Chiara Motley’s Goneril is calculating and we get her–she’s like a silken garment lined with sand paper as she feeds her father sweet, flowery words.”